Solidification process

solidification process rheological behaviour
 volume stabilityNDT techniquesmechanical behaviour multiscale modelling


Özlem Cizer

Scientific content

The kinetics of the AAM reaction drives the solidification process and is reflected in rheology, volume stability and hardening over time. The resulting AAM microstructure ultimately determines its mechanical performance and durability. Accurately describing and establishing mechanistic links between the occuring reaction processes and the microstructure development is at the core of this research topic.

Reaction process: kinetics and mechanism

  • Kinetics of the solidification reactions
  • Reaction product assemblage
  • Evolution of the nature and volume of the products
  • Develop and implement methods for the modelling of the reaction process

Microstructure characterization

  • Microstructure development
  • Pore structure and gel density evolution
  • Setting process
  • Microstructural properties of the ITZ