Multiscale modelling

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Bernhard Pichler

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Micromechanical multiscale modelling will provide the missing link between the mainly microscopic experimental campaign and the mainly macroscopic testing. The modelling campaign will allow for upscaling microstructural properties such as phase volumes and phase morphologies, to macroscopic mechanical properties of paste, mortar or concrete such as viscoelasticity or strength. Being able to compare the homogenised macroscopic properties to their experimentally determined counterparts, may contribute to the knowledge gain of AAMs by providing valuable insights into physical mechanisms and features at the nano- and microscale, which govern the macroscopic material behaviour.

Multiscale modelling through micromechanical homogenization

  • Micromechanical representation of the AAM binder
  • Upscaling thermal and visco-elastic properties
  • Multiscale strength homogenization
  • Autogenous deformation prediction
  • Percolation threshold modelling