Ruben Snellings
Ruben is a scientist in the Sustainable Materials Unit of VITO. He is committed to contribute to the making of a more circular, zero waste economy through research, development and critical assessment of sustainable, clean technologies. His research focus is on low-CO2 cements and concrete and new, sustainable construction materials.



Research Group: Sustainable Materials

VITO is a leading European research and technology organisation in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development. The VITO unit “Sustainable Materials Management” actively contributes to the transition towards a sustainable use of materials in a circular economy. Within this unit the Waste Recycling Technologies (ART) team presents a clear view on resource recovery using a zero waste approach. Combining innovative clean technologies with accumulated expertise, the ART team strives towards a sustainable conversion of industrial and societal residues into added value products. To do this the ART team combines strategic basic research in collaboration with academia with more solution-oriented approaches for companies.

Moreover, over the years the ART team has developed a unique relationship with public authorities with respect to solid waste management and material reuse. The key R&D activities of the team are the development of 1) innovative physicochemical separation technologies to recover valuable materials from inorganic industrial waste streams and 2) alternative binder technologies to valorize the residual matrix as construction materials. Its expertise in cement characterization and solidification studies will be the main contributions to the Interact project.