Call for PhD applications – CLOSED

Two PhD positions are open as part of an interdisciplinary research project  “INTERdisciplinary multiscale Assessment of a new generation of Concrete with alkali activated maTerials (INTERACT)” that aims at bridging knowledge gaps for alkali-activated material (AAMs), by providing in-depth understanding on the fundamental mechanism of the solidification processes, on rheological properties, on volume stability, and on mechanical properties, which will be coupled with predictive multiscale modelling.

One PhD student will perform the task on the volume stability (autogenous behavior, restrained deformations) of AAMs with the aim of characterizing this behavior by means of various experimental tools in order to understand the underlying mechanisms and to develop modelling strategies for the autogenous deformation. The other PhD student will tackle the challenging task to characterize the mechanical behavior (the setting process, the elastic properties, the creep behavior and the failure properties including tensile and compressive strengths as well as fracture energy) of AAMs by means of various existing experimental tools available in the BATir-LGC laboratory that will have to be adapted in order to enable measuring, analyze and interpret and compare these new materials.